Schedwall is a weekly dry erase wall calendar that empowers you and your family to live an organized life filled with inspiration and gratitude.

The Idea Behind Schedwall: Structure. Predictability. Your family craves it. Your sanity demands it. But where to begin? Planners can be helpful but they traditionally focus on appointments, as if running a family was a matter of tracking carpools and doctor’s appointments. Schedwall is a better way to manage your family’s weekly schedule with a focus on celebrating gratitude and promoting independence.

Using Schedwall is Simple: Find a high-traffic spot in your home where your family has easy access. Before a new week begins, write up a quote across the top, in addition to each appointment, activity, commitment, to-do, or reminder. There's even a spot to include meal planning so you never have to hear that dreaded question again, "What’s for dinner??" With Schedwall your family will know where to go to find answers to their most common questions, and even some they haven't even thought of yet. Schedwall prompts you to think of something good you have to celebrate or look forward to. It doesn't have to be anything big; it's just something positive to remind you of what you have to be grateful for. It’s the ultimate shared doc; a physical one on your wall.

It’s made from the very best whiteboard material we could source. The peel-and-stick dry erase surface can be applied to the wall easily, is removable, and won't leave an adhesive residue if you need to reposition it. The whiteboard wipes completely clean and won't leave an ugly ghost image behind. The layout is structured yet flexible, and the design is simple and inviting.

Schedwall can also be used to track your weekly workouts. After all, a goal without a plan is just a dream. Motivate yourself with an inspiring quote, plan your routine, mark your progress and celebrate milestones.

Schedwall story bullet points:

  • Product inspired by my wife who was struggling with the weekly juggle of managing the schedules of our family (we have two kids) and looking for opportunities to help keep all of our mindsets positive with inspirational quotes on the wall and a place to capture feelings of gratitude. Schedwall is customer inspired; family and friends tested early prototypes and provided feedback.
  • Made in the USA with support of local manufacturing and fulfillment partners. This will be manufactured and shipped out of the Greater Boston Area.

Quotes from users are in-love with our first samples:

  • "My kids love it. They enjoy seeing the plan and like knowing what to expect. It brings them a feeling of security because there’s a comfort in predictable structure." - Jen, 39
  • "As a mom of two, it brings ME relief because I no longer have to ask myself all the questions with the answers always on the wall for all of us to see. It clears my own head and relieves me from the responsibility and pressure of having to be the ‘keeper of all things’. When the kids ask me what time practice is or 'what's for dinner?', I just quietly point to the wall." - Jean, 43
  • "It teaches a positive mindset. No matter how challenging a week can be, we teach our children and ourselves to seek-out the good, regardless of whether they are large or small moments…" - Marie, 44
  • "Our whole family has loved using the Schedwall! My kids frequently wander up to it to see what the next day will bring. All of us feel so much more on top of what’s coming, even my wife asks me fewer questions!" – Christina, 45

Want more info? Check out the Schedwall Press Kit

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