Our Story

Schedwall was inspired by my wife, Jean, aka the "keeper of all things". She was exhausted by the juggle of managing our family's school events, practices, appointments, and to-dos. After trying several calendars on the market, she couldn’t find anything that was just right, so she bought a roll of whiteboard paper and created her own planner. Getting our family’s commitments off her phone and out of her head brought her peace of mind. While tracking our schedules, Jean also used the whiteboard as an opportunity to share inspirational quotes and celebrate small accomplishments to help us stay positive and motivated. The schedule on the wall made our lives easier, while reminding us to live in the present and feel grateful for the small stuff.

Seeing the positive impact the whiteboard had on our family, I wanted to create a product we could share with the world.  With the help of my talented friends and colleagues, we developed prototypes to share, and collected feedback, until it was just right. The problems it's helped solve, along with the inspiration and gratitude it's brought to my family and others, has been game-changing. We hope it brings the same added ease and positivity to you and your family’s week.

Thank you for your interest in Schedwall.

Gratefully Organized,

Creator of Schedwall  |  Founder of Good Intentions